"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

1 Corinthians 10:31
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1) Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and God's Righteousness- We desire to thrive in spiritual disciplines with our Heavenly Father, revealing a heart of worship and dedication to the Lord in everything we do.

2) Family- We desire for every family to be unified in purpose, reflecting the glory of God to those around them, and fulfilling their unique roll in the earth.  Families are the building blocks for every community.

3) Unity- We desire relationships with all people.  The Body of Christ is a single organism made up of many members from every nation, language, tribe, and tongue.  We seek to be intentional to build relationships with people different from ourselves and celebrate these differences; learning to be shaped by an authentic and humble community of believers in Christ. 

4) Accountability- We desire to see an accountability of God's love grow throughout the world.  We cannot be unified without accountability and total obedience to God's Word.  Jesus Christ is Lord of all and we need to submit and love according to His authority.  

5) Partnership- We desire to be like God and develop partnerships.  God is a God of covenants.  We need to understand partnership through His covenants and carry forth the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world accordingly.  

6) Stewardship- We desire to demonstrate our faith, our heart's desires, and our responsibility through financial stewardship (management).  God has entrusted resources to us for the purpose of building the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.  We pray our example promotes and inspires others to understand financial stewardship in tremendous ways.

7) Empowerment- We desire to empower others in Christ to fulfill their life purpose set by creator God.  We want all people to grow in the love of God and feel satisfied in using their gifts, talents, and abilities to the fullest in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven reign in the earth.