We want to see the Kingdom of Heaven reign on the earth! Therefore, we submit our lives to God, go where He leads, identify areas to serve in the community we have been placed, and start developing relationships with hope and intentionality of making disciples that make disciples. We bridge cultural, economic, and spiritual barriers through God's love to help restore the communities of the earth.  As missionaries we seek to imitate the life of Christ. We work alongside the local church and help accentuate its efforts in the community we reside, strengthening God's Kingdom throughout the earth.  Our vision is to create, sustain, and pass along reproduceable models of discipleship, unique to each individual area, to help ensure the people of each area are able to carry forth biblical community long after we depart. The motto of RCM is to "Dare to Attempt Something so Big if God is not in it You will Fail" (D.L. Moody).

When we started RCM we wanted to overcome the world. We still do, but we learned we need to do it in stages as the Lord determines (Proverb 16:9). There are many phases to complete a God sized vision and each segment of the vision requires focus, faith, and functionality.  Each segment has a beginning and an end, therefore we dedicate ourselves to the process.  We strive to navigate life with healthy and necessary endings that yield way to new beginnings in God's timing.  In our vision we desire life and love to flow through us everywhere we go as we seek to expand the Kingdom of Heaven throughout the earth.  

Over time we have learned vision adapts in missional form in order to achieve and expand the vision. We want to adapt to the people around us as God sends us to places all around the world. Our hope is to be used of God to help establish His kingdom throughout the earth and equip others to fly the banner of Christ for the world to know that the Kingdom of Heaven is in the earth! We long for the love of God to be the central and consistent governing reality in every culture and people group in the earth.  See our mission page for more info on how we are accomplishing God's vision!

A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9
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