The mission of RE-CHRIST MINISTRIES is to reveal, proclaim and demonstrate, the love of God to the world through Jesus Christ and help restore the communities of the earth in love. Our mission is endless in application, but the metric we measure our mission is found in our understanding of God's desire to make disciples that make disciples. In order for the love of God to transform a family, a neighborhood, a work place, an institution, a city, a state, or a nation (even the world) people must proclaim and demonstrate God's love to others, and teach them to do the same.

In Atlanta we carried out our vision and mission by developing local church partnerships and pairing them with lower socio economic international apartment communities.  In partnership, the church would provide the apartment community numerous valuable resources (after school programs, English classes, Bible studies, food and clothing distribution, family events, benevolent assistance, etc.) for the opportunity to serve in the community.  The apartment community would provide free space and administrative assistance to help RCM execute its ministry of love.  The residents participated in ministry activities offered, grew in community, and gave back to RCM is numerous ways.  RCM managed and facilitated the day to day operations of each property and took on a Shepherd role pertaining to all parties involved in each communty. This is a wholistic approach to ministry which benefited the entire community and represented the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.  

During twelve years of ministry in Atlanta we applied many ministry methods and trained hundreds of students in God's love (impacting hundreds of families for generations), and provided thousands of servant workers opportunities to join us on God's mission. In addition to our work with local apartment communities we served in the Youth Detention Center, Christian Recovery Centers, led mission trips, served in our local church, and worked to unify the Church in Atlanta through various partnerships.  In the end we had created, sustained, and passed along proven and reproducible means of discipleship for the people of Atlanta to maintain and expand the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth. 

Now, God has relocated us to Tucson, Arizona for the purpose of building the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.  We are serving the people of Tucson and Mexico. Our vantage point has changed and the culture is different therefore, our missional form will look different. We hold fast to the vision of creating, sustaining, and passing along proven reproducible means of discipleship for the people of Tucson and Mexico. In Tucson and Mexico we are using the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method to help reach, teach, and multiple disciples of Jesus Christ.  

Discovery Bible Studies help train individuals to become fully obedient to God's Word, rather than mere intellectual learners.  We teach reliance upon the Holy Spirit as the lead teacher, and instruct disciples to focus their eyes, minds, and souls upon the Word of God.  The process calls for individuals to slow down, listen for the Holy Spirit to speak, focus on the truth, walk in the truth, and hold others accountable to the truth each week.  The goal is for each disciple to be sharing truth with others in the community from week to week.  The hour or two study teaches prayer, story telling, authentic community, intentionality on living in the truth, and the benefit of weekly testimonies to flourish biblical community. There are not enormous financial cost towards the ministry methods we implore, but our methods do require laborers of love to unite and devote themselves to growing and maintaining biblical community. Love God and love thy neighbor as thy self!​ Thank you for supporting missionaries like us as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in the earth!
"May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you."
1 Thessalonians 3:12
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